Saturday, November 28, 2009

Don’t take your heart for granted, it will remind you:

I am Your Heart

I am your heart
You’ve never seen me, but trust me I’m here. I live and operate here in your chest, I never rest.
While you’re sleeping I’m beating.
When you run and exercise I beat faster, to supply you with the oxygen that you need.
On average, I beat about sixty times a minute, that’s one thousand, six hundred beats a hour.
In one day I beat eighty six thousand, four hundred times.
So, you go figure how many beats I’ve given you in your life time.
I’m a rather miraculous creation, your heart.
I’m about the size of your fist. I am more complex then you could ever imagine.
There are separate chambers, each with its own function, valves operate like a fine tuned Swiss watch, and then there are arteries sending and receiving blood from all parts of your body from head to toe.
I’m a busy little engine.
And all of this so you can go about your busy schedule, yet with all of my complexity, don’t ever let anyone tell you that I evolved from some single cell.
There had to be a creator. Far wiser then any of us; to create me. He put me in your body. He gave me the signal to start beating. And, I’m very proud that he made me, and gave me such an awesome responsibility.
Rich or poor, it does not matter to me; I was up here to serve you, to serve all man kind, even with all my awesome responsibilities, because remember there will come a day, when I will become tired, and I will grow wary and well doing. And on that day, when I stop, you will stop. I will return to dust, and you will go on into eternity. So, my pray for you is, that with the strength I gave you, you have done his will, you have loved others as he loved you. You’ve been wise and built your house upon rock. You’ve built up treasures where mold and rust do not corrupt. And where thieves will not break in and steal. You have walked the straight and narrow way, and you have remained faithful until death. So, you know what, you will receive the ultimate crown, of this life. A new life; a new life; to be yours forever.

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